SurfStitch Autumn/Winter Campaign 2015

SurfStitch are one of the biggest surf retailers in the world and they have to identify and sell the various trends that appear each season.

For the 2015 Autumn/Winter season they identified three distinct underlying trends that were recurring through each of their vendors catalogues, Normcore (a basics look and feel), Lounge Around (comfortable clothing) and Outdoors (think hiking, Northface and timberlands).

We were tasked with branding and providing creative direction for each trend. After researching the various trends, we came up with Blank Canvas (normcore), Lounge Around (why change it?) and Roam Free (outdoors). There were also two smaller womens sub-trends we branded, Animal Instinct; think leopard and animal prints, and Traveling Gypsy; predominantly floppy hats, maxi dresses and boho inspired clothing.

We wanted to create logos that had their own identity but use the same type throughout the different logos to create a unified feel to the entire campaign. We achieved this through using the same sans serif and display script font throughout the campaign. We also used different colour palettes to differentiate when each trend came into season (see attached style guide).

We then helped to storyboard the shoot for the talented Noun Collective.

Services Provided:
  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Logo Design
  • Digital Design
The Team

Art Direction: Paul Balfe
Creative Direction: Paul Balfe, Taegan Joyce, Luke Scharkie
Web Design and Digital Production: Paul Balfe and Luke Scharkie
Marketing: Kia Peterenko
Photography: Katrina Parker Photography
Videography: David Child

Blank Canvas – Autumn Theme


Lounge Around – Autumn Theme


Roam Free – Winter Theme


Sub Trends


Campaign Guidelines

Wintermission Surf Campaign