Taphouse Group Website Redesign

Taphouse Group approached us to create a website that gave them a more professional outlook, easy navigation and ultimately showcased all of their new and existing venues. We were tasked with creating a template that would work across all venues and allow simple navigation between all the venues so people could find the best places in the area to eat, drink and stay.

We did this through clean and minimal design approach with filtered navigation for each individual section. Each individual section had an anchor or ID tag attributed to it so when the user opted to click through when they filtered from Eat, Accommodation, etc. they were taken through to the relevant section on the relevant venue.

We also rolled this design approach out across the business in an attempt to declutter the noise that surrounds a lot of pub and restaurant venues these days.

Services Provided

  • Web design
  • UI/UX design
  • EDM template
  • Brand Strategy

EDM Template