January 11, 2020

Reaching Out!

We have been experimenting a fair bit with type and often when experimenting, you tend to work with the first thing that comes to mind. We had been listening to Luca Brasi’s “If This Is All We’re Going To Be” album on repeat for months on end so it was a no brainer.

Pretty stoked with the concept we created we decided to upload to Instagram and tagged the guys in the post too.

About an hour later I received a text from a good friend of mine… “Dude, that’s so sick that the Luca Brasi boys want to use your design!”


Tyler, the lead singer from the band had reached out and asked if they could purchase the logo I had created as they loved it. Needless to say, I was stoked. My favourite band was admiring my work just as I had admired theirs for years. Sometimes it pays just to put yourself out there, you never know what it will lead to.

January 11, 2020

Take it easy!

I've been wanting to create something with this saying for a long time. It's a saying that my old man used to say to me and it's something that has really resonated with me, my siblings and all my friends he ever said it to. I don't know if it is because "take it easy" is an endearing Australian term made that much sweeter and funnier by an Irishman but hey, I dig it and have lived by it.

Take it easy and if you get it easy, take it twice.

January 11, 2020

The Art Of Repurposing

When moving I came across a bunch of my old cd’s. Whilst rifling through them all and losing myself in deep nostalgia and melancholy I wondered why I never go through my albums and lose myself in the lyrics and images that embodied the cd sleeve anymore. It was easy to answer – I have all (most) the albums a click away on Spotify.

It really made me question progress for progresses sake. Yeah, I know it’s my job to come up with unique and innovative ideas – oh, the bittersweet irony of it all. That being said, I had all these cd’s that had bestowed so much value unto me and had literally shaped the person that I am, only to be discarded into storage somewhere long forgotten. I decided that this art form wouldn’t be wasted and it should be idolised again, so I decided to create a collage of all my favourite albums.

I don’t know if I just couldn’t decide or if I was being narcissistic and decided to ask Facebook. It’s funny how much music could connect people and I was stoked with all the people that came out of the woodwork to talk about their favourite albums and how much it shaped their adolescent years. It’s funny how music can create community like that. Since finally deciding on 20 albums and creating the collage, it has been a non-stop talking point when people come around to my house.

The point is, I guess, is that there is always a way to repurpose the things that mean something to us. The digital world is slowly taking over most facets of our lives but remember to look back at the things that shaped you and hold onto them as they are a constant reminder of how you got here.

Anyway here’s the frame a bunch of our favourite songs from each album.






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