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About This Project

ABA Tour Branding

The Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA Tour) was born out of a need for a more professional national tour and they needed branding that was going to superceed the tours and associations that had come before it.

Bodyboarding means a lot of different things to different people and the ABA wanted something that was inclusive but also looked professional with a hint of corporate. Bodyboarders are renowned for hunting down some of the scariest waves in the world and boosting some of the largest airs so we didn’t want to represent just one specific kind of riding, so we developed a brandmark that incorporated several different waves, showing both the different types of waves/sections bodyboarders like and the actual progression of wave breaking to form the barrel. We then added a custom slab typeface to add strength to the brand.

We were then tasked with creating the website which would showcase the events for the year, display advertising banners, contain separated blog content (for different divisions) and also allow users to enter each event and allow the organisers to manage entries.

Each year we recreate the creative for the tour and roll out all the marketing and event collateral including web banners, social media banners, apparel and rash vest designs and event signage.