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About This Project

Little Bird Wines

The legends at High Spirits Wholesale came to us with a new product they wanted to bring out into the market. They didn’t know what they wanted, all they knew was that they liked the name ‘Little Bird’ and with that we created Little Bird Wines.

The idea was to come up with something that was elegant, cute and charming and would appeal to a wide array of people so we developed a little bird with a fiery tale. The idea was for each of the individual wine flavours to have their own colour/identity and while they’re often familiarised with the colour palette we chose, we wanted to change things up a bit so we created the different watercolours to give not only the flavours more depth but the branding and the labels also.

Now, customers will be able to readily identify the Little Bird brand not only by the logo but the various watercolour textures used throughout it’s collateral.