Giving Back.


It’d be easy for us to believe that running a small design studio isn’t having a negative impact on our environment. After all, it’s just a few over-caffeinated designers working behind some Macs. The reality is, day in day out, we are creating print collateral and powering some of the biggest eComm sites in the country, that’s trees we’re printing on and energy we are taking out of the grid. While we are creating amazing things for our clients, we want to make it sustainable, both for our own conscious and to empower you, our trusted client-base and friends, to do more without having to think about the negative impact – we’ve got you covered.


To do so, we have teamed up with to offset our carbon footprint. Why have we chosen to partner with a business on the other side of the world? Two reasons.


One, our namesake is derived in part from the Ha’Pennybridge in Dublin (where Creative Director, Paul Balfe’s family is from) and the West Coast is somewhere very dear to us.


Two, the Hometree team’s core values are also very aligned with ours at Pennybridge and we genuinely value their transparency.  They are some of the most passionate people we’ve ever met when it comes to sustainable farming and planting. They genuinely care about what they do and about the future for all of us, which is really refreshing. They also encourage volunteers to help plant the trees once a month and help on their farm at Moh Hill so you know that when you are committing trees to be planted, they are getting planted!