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A Local Design Studio With a Big Heart.

We aren’t just going to create a logo and pluck colours from thin air. We will delve deep into the ethos behind your business and create a brand identity and platform that is going to resonate with you, your staff and your customers. 

We will ask a lot of questions to begin with (maybe too many), but your business is our business so we want to understand it as well as you do so we can convey it appropriately and accurately through design.

Also, we’re not precious. We encourage constructive criticism and want to work with you in order to achieve the end result. It helps us build an understanding for your business whilst creating a solution that you are happy with, which is mutually beneficial.

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A brand represents people’s perception of a company’s visual identity, customer service, reputation and advertising. It is more than a logo, an icon, a website or a social media page. It is the culmination of all of these elements that build your brand. Your brand is your silent ambassador for standing out from the crowd. 

The success of your new brand depends on what all of us do and how well we do it - every day. When we do it well, we are presenting a consistent image that successfully builds a unique confident brand which ends up giving us more success. 

web design offering

Web Design

We’re here to make your step into the world of digital. Want us to create your website and update it regularly? No worries. Want us to make an impactful website that you can then take the reigns on and edit yourself? No worries! We design beautiful sites and make the experience seamless and easy, for you and your customers.

We work across a multitude of platforms (mainly Wordpress, Squarespace and Shopify) in order to make sure you get the right website for your needs.  We also ensure that the experience across all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) is faultless because it has to be.

digital design offering

Digital Design

Whether you need assets for your new website, your social media platforms or your next big digital campaign, we’ve got you covered. With a proven track record designing digital campaigns for some of Australia's largest e-commerce businesses, we understand the best way to make an impact with your customers and really capture their attention. 

We create your assets so they are optimised for all digital platforms without losing any kind of quality - meaning your marketing collateral will be served faster and connect quicker to serve your customers better.

Graphic Design


When you clearly and consistently convey your brand identity, you communicate a strong message about who you are, and what makes you unique. It is your silent ambassador for standing out from the crowd.

print design offering

Print Design

Print design is the foundation of what we do. From designing catalogues, packaging, labels, stationery, or even new coffee cups for your cafe, we've designed it before and we know what we're doing.

Organising printing as often as we do, we know that sometimes the multitude of options and questions can be a bit much. So we now offer a printing service direct through us at Pennybridge so we can look after the hard parts and get your latest project printed and straight to you.


User Experience & Interface

There is nothing worse than a website or app that looks pretty but doesn’t work. If you want to stop losing customers to poor design or poor user experience, we can help.

We can investigate and identify your customers user journey and analyse where we can make tweaks and changes to ensure that your conversion rate increases.

We can help you with user habits, the latest UI trends and how to upscale your business quick!


App Design

We design real world functioning mobile app interfaces in our Gold Coast studio.

We'll construct a site wide architecture of your entire app, followed by detailed wireframes that allows you to see the flow and journey that your users will take. At this stage you'll see your idea and app come to life and be able to see how your idea functions. 

From here, we design a seemless, user friendly app interface to keeps your users engaged.

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Our ambition is to help build memorable brands that evoke meaning and inspire authentic interactions. We believe in creating opportunities for elite brands, intrepid startups and passionate innovators to change the world.

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