A small design studio
with a big heart.


We are a fiercely independent creative design studio that believes business can be a force for good. We want to work with clients with common interests and values. We are ambitious, we are relentless, we're no stranger to taking risks in pursuit of creating something special.

We believe in taking a stand and making an impact. Most companies are scared to take a stand for the things they believe in - not us. We are passionate advocates for doing things the right way, for the right reasons with the right people.

We are alchemists of the imagination who believe that things of quality have no fear of time.

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So where does 'Pennybridge' come from? 

It's not some play on words about being creative entrepreneurs that will bridge the gap between your business and making money, we'd love to take credit for being that aspirational when the business started. No, the name is derived from a mix of founder and Creative Director, Paul Balfe's love of punk music, namely Millencolins seminal album, Pennybridge Pioneers, and the Ha'Penny Bridge which is in the middle of his home town in Dublin. These two references have largely influenced our style, personal brand, and direction for many years too so it is a fitting ode to them.

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Paul Balfe

Creative director

brand agency designer

Bryn Scott


social media phenom

Rusty Balfe

Vibe Guy/Social Media Phenom

Our Manifesto

01. Think more. Design Less.

02. We build bridges, not walls.

03. Convert chaos to clarity.

04. Learn something today so you can think differently tomorrow.

05. Exercise your voice. Put your thoughts and ideas out into the world, even if it scares the shit out of you.

06. Put your heart and soul into the work but take your heart and soul out of the critique.

07. Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

08. Comparison is the thief of joy. Don't compare yourself to others, they are on a different path to you.

09. Fail forward. Failure is the tuition you pay for success.

10. Put the energy and creativity into the world that you would like to see or receive.


pennybridge team in action

Your brand.
Your product.
Your big idea.
It is worth pursuing!

Our ambition is to help build memorable brands that evoke meaning and inspire authentic interactions. We believe in creating opportunities for elite brands, intrepid startups and passionate innovators to change the world.

Suite 5, 3B/19-21 Park Avenue
Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220
Phone: 0408 079 451
Email: hello@pennybridge.com.au
Social: @pennybridge.studio


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