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riding more and building true value in a brand.

We're incredibly lucky to work with a business like MXstore that puts so much emphasis value on purpose and core values.  They truly live and work by their ethos and they've entrusted us to lead their in-house creative team and set the creative direction for the brand, their webstore, annual campaigns, user experience design and an array of other projects.

The business, its staff, its partners and customers are all extremely passionate about riding and getting others to ride, so we ensure that we bring inclusiveness of what is generally a pretty masculine sport, through everything we do, whether it is the campaigns we roll out or the tone of voice used throughout socials. MXstore have entrusted us to build out the brand over the years and essentially be the brand custodians - setting the standard through every touch point of the business to ensure that everything is concise, premium and represents their values.



We took a deep dive into everything that MXstore, MXstore. From logo, type, colour palette to brand personality, tone of voice, team support to creative examples, social standards and product imagery.

With a company reaching 150 staff members, it's important that the information and standards for the brand be readily available so that at any one stage, staff could refer to it when needed and ensure any and all collateral made was on brand. When a business can clearly and consistently convey their brand identity, they communicate a strong message about who they are, and what makes them unique. The brand standards are about how they can look after the brand every day.

MX Brand Guidelines
MX Brand Guidelines

SponSorship and rider support.

In 2019, MXstore pivoted their highly successful 'Sponsorhsip Competition' to Rider Support as MXstore wanted to be more inclusive in their approach so the competition wasn't just targeted at the upper echelon of the sport.

We were tasked at making Rider Support about all the disciplines of dirt bike riding, whether they are motocross, enduro, trials and more. We also decided that the competition needed to be country wide so there was a winner picked from each state and territory and the winners were a mix of men, woman and children.

As such, we needed to create compelling graphics for the competition that were going to be premium, engaging and fun. With the use of motion and strong type, we pushed out a campaign that had over 1,600 entries and 1.35 million engagements!

MX-Rider Support 19

to Checkers.

With COVID wreaking havoc on stock supply and delivery, we weren't able to run Rider Support in 2021 and we were tasked with coming up with a marketing campaign that would cover a three-month gap in MXstore's marketing schedule.

Working with a concept we'd spitballed with the creative team before, we developed and pitched Wreckers to Checkers - a rust to riches bike build where we leaned on the expertise of the staff to buy second bikes and reform them to their current glory by using tools, parts, and accessories all available at MXstore.

The campaign quickly gained traction with the team and their excitement and enthusiasm were quickly reciprocated by their audience and customers with over 1 MILLION VIEWS in the first 3 months! 

The campaign breathed fresh air into MXstore's content creation strategy and has had a lasting effect on the energy within the team as they've been able to blend their passion and work even more intrinsically since its inception.


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